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Business Development Services for companies and entrepeneurs in the padel sector. Our goal is to find you the right partner: provider, manufacturer, distributor, client, sponsor, coach, manager...


Design and implement tailored actions which integrate seamlessly with your marketing plan and objectives. We have developed a full range of possibilities.

Media Advertising

Communication and Advertising campaigns: reports, interviews, product testing, press releases, ad-hoc activations, etc...on Padel World Press #1 on-line padel newspaper and 'Esto Es Padel' #1 Padel Radio Program.

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About me

World of Padel, WOP, is my professional brand for providing international development and marketing services.

Fernando - Marketing & International

Fernando Blanca

Marketing & International

Multidisciplinary talent always focused to new ways of doing things and with an international flair. Visit my Linkedin page to know more about my professional experience and drop me a line or give me call if you want to know me.

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